Pace of play: first headlines

When we launched this website, we explained that we needed your help in reviving a game that is Recreational, Enjoyable, Affordable and Less time-consuming. REAL golf. Many of you have already responded = not enough, of course, to make the conclusions so far really valid - but a great start. As a "taster" here are early thoughts from a few hundred of you around the world on the vexing question of Pace of Play:

A lasting solution to the problem  needs to comprise the three groups:

  • The Authorities
  • The Clubs
  • The Golfers

The Authorities have to provide to a large extend the mental frame work for the clubs and players to act within. This include Rules that are easy to understand and follow, Equipmentthat support the players abilities and not least a Professional Game that set a standard on “Pace of Play” and “Length of Round” that could work as an example for recreational golfers to follow.
The Clubs provide the physical frame work. This include Course Set-up which enable a natural flow of play with penalizing but not time consuming hazards and rough and Starting Timesthat support the natural flow of play and don’t create hick-ups and queues on several holes on the course.
The Golfers have to act within the mental and physical frame work provided by The Authorities and The Clubs and play Considerate Golf: being ready to play expeditiously; getting yardages and selecting clubs when others play; surveying putts before it’s one’s turn; walk briskly; clear the green, then complete the scorecard. These are some of the thingsCONSIDERATE Golfers do. Add to this a check point system and we are about to solve the problem of slow play.
If each of the three groups don’t realize they are part of the problem and consequently the solution, we will not see an improvement in time of round, but instead be faced with 5 hour rounds as a standard.

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Feb 29, 2016 06:01 AM
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