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We are gathering a lot of responses to modern golf from ordinary players as well as some club staff and pros. Here are some of the things they are telling us.

Pace of play: first headlines

When we launched this website, we explained that we needed your help in reviving a game that is Recreational, Enjoyable, Affordable and Less time-consuming. REAL golf. Many of you have already responded = not enough, of course, to make the conclusions so far really valid - but a great start. As a "taster" here are early thoughts from a few hundred of you around the world on the vexing question of Pace of Play:

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Pace of play: your views

Our first survey report focused on ‘Pace of Play’ from a general perspective. Now some of the many golfers who have taken the survey give their view on the subject. We have asked them to rate a number of causes influencing Pace of Play and to comment on them.

Pace of play: your views - Read More…

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