REAL Golf: what it’s all about

Recreational - a core value


Main features :


  • This is golf played during our leisure time - with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than performance.
  • It contrasts with TOP golf (Tournament Or Performance golf) which is  played from a young age with a view to making a living from  prize money and endorsements.


The REAL view : In most established golfing countries, the recreational game has run into a wide range of problems in recent years.  The symptoms of decline have been hidden by the success of TOP golf.

Some of TOP golf’s features such as complex Rules and too-difficult, too-expensive courses have become a major hindrance to REAL golf.

This Campaign aims to stimulate discussion of the game at the recreational level. And identify solutions to make it better.

Enjoyable - a core value


Main features :


  • Played outdoors
  • Natural environment
  • Companionship
  • Playable at any level of competence
  • Variety of  course challenges
  • Playable in all weathers, year-round if climate allows


The REAL view:  Across the world, the influence of TOP golf, along with the development of the ball and expensive clubs, has led to many courses being stretched to lengths which are too challenging for the majority of recreational players.  Excessively long carries from tees, or over water, coupled with penal roughs and bunkers and excessive green speeds are features which often spoil enjoyment for the ordinary player. Courses should present an enjoyable challenge for all as their first priority. Another factor reducing the enjoyment of the game is the application of  complicated rules and handicapping - we would welcome moves to simplify them.

Affordable - a core value


Main features :


  • Within the reasonable budgets of all classes, sexes and ages.
  • Offering realistic opportunities for anyone to play anywhere in the world.


The REAL view:  Every year, more and more golf clubs face financial difficulties because many golfers cannot justify the high membership or playing  fees.  To bring back potential  players with limited income and/or time to attract young people into the game, there’s a need for  more innovative schemes for playing facilities and green fees. Courses themselves ( new and old ) should be designed to take up less land, with easy flow of golfers round the course, which has both cost and revenue effects. Additionally, the development of modern course management, with simpler environmentally-sustainable methods, can cut costs and improve playing conditions at the same time.

Less time-consuming - a core value

Main features :

  • A round of golf can be completed in approximately three hours.
  • However long it takes, the REAL test is : does it allow leisure without eroding  family or work demands on time?


The REAL view:  Increasingly in recent years, golf has become needlessly time-consuming for too many people. There are many reasons for this - golf course design and set-up, a ball which is too powerful, TV influence and so on.   The consequence has been to turn away many people, especially the young and those who simply cannot spend too much time away from work or family.

This is perhaps the most important problem for golf in today's world - and it needs to be addressed with great urgency by players and administrators alike.


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