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When we started the campaign we realised that, if we were to be effective in pursuing our objectives - to restore a game that’s Recreational, Enjoyable, Affordable and Less time-consuming - we needed first of all to get hold of the precise nature of the challenges causing its decline.

That’s why we established our survey which has already attracted over 600 responses from all over the world - and which we are  sharing with The R&A.

It’s from the lawmakers in St Andrews as well as the USGA that practical change must come, of course, and so we now enter a phase in our efforts when we must keep taking the fire while awaiting moves from them.  We will stay vigilant in the months ahead!

We now invite the Golfing Authorities, the Clubs and the Golfers to take part in process of further consideration on how to solve the different challenges revealed in the survey.

Over the coming month we will together with three groups mentioned above offer our thoughts on possible solutions to the challenges and questions the survey has laid bare:

  • “Pace of play/Length of round” is the overriding challenge followed and caused by “Etiquette/Code of conduct”
  • “Recruitment” is also regarded as a challenge, but can only be solved if solutions on and removing the barriers represented by “Pace of play/Length of round” and “Etiquette/Code of conduct” are found.


Other challenges to look at when the issues of “Pace of Play” and “Etiquette/Code of Conduct” are addressed:

  • Golf in its present form does not provide sufficient fun for kids and families in today’s world
  • Golf has become too expensive (green fees and equipment) to many recreational golfers

Watch this space!

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