Different golfers: different needs

Clubs which want to retain existing golfers or attract new ones have realised that different groups of golfers have different needs. How these needs are identified and addressed is key to the future of the game.

R&A Captain wanted more women to join clubs

"But I believe the trouble is that so many golf clubs will not cater for the girls - for the women, and after all if you are a young married man and you want to play golf it is not a very pleasant thing to go down to some golf club where women are looked upon as almost a weed or an excrescence which is not required anywhere near the place...It is high time that many of the old people in charge of some of the old golf clubs realized that the club has got to be a social thing with women there, so that everybody can find amusement." Lord Brabazon of Tara : Captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews 1952

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Why golf grows

“Since 2006, we’ve lost 23% of our women golfers and 36% of our kids” – Jack Nicklaus 2012.

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What they say
  • 72% of golfers in the USA now play less frequently - due to time constraints, money constraints or both. National Golf Foundation  September 2013
  • Fitness, Family, Fast and Fun Ron Sirak in Golf Digest January 2013
  • Two options : Change the game radically and grow, or remain a niche sport… Wall Street Journal February 2012 
  •  Only one of Jack’s twenty-two grandchildren plays golf… Golf World January 2012
  • Woman undercover Golf Digest  Peter Finch, March 2012 
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