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Our Campaign takes the REAL argument to its next stage.

The Nick Park Memorial Tournament, staged at Temple Golf Club in Berkshire on 29 September,  took us to the next stage of our Campaign with golfers from many parts – including Denmark and Ireland – taking part.

As part of our search for the best way to rescue our great game  from its current decline and restore its roots, we staged the tournament using restricted balls and playing from tees which (as far as possible) followed those laid down by the course’s architect, Willie Park Junior, a century ago.

Co-Founder Michael Barratt talks to tournament diners
Co-Founder Michael Barratt talks to tournament diners
The result ticked all the aims of the Campaign - it was Recreational, Enjoyable (especially so!), Affordable and Less time-consuming.  (As a Stableford 3-ball with a shotgun start, we completed the 18 holes in a fraction over three hours). And from all this we learned more lessons to show us the way forward in getting our priorities right.  Every player was asked to complete a simple survey immediately after completing his or her round and these are the summarised conclusions:

  1. “The ball should fit the course and not vice versa” (as Nick kept saying for more than 35 years) is our first conclusion. The reduced distance ball used in this year’s tournament did not tick all the boxes. It performed a bit too much like an ordinary range ball. For next year’s tournament we will find a ball with the same features and benefits as a modern ball like the ProV1, but with a 15-20% reduction in distance.
  2. With the right ball a course of 6000–8000 yards will fit, add to the enjoyment and keep the round at 3 hours or less.
  3. The tournament set-up and implementation met the expectations of the participants and will be kept.
  4. Temple’s approach to sustainable green keeping added to the pleasure and enjoyment.

In view of the success of this unique event, Temple will be hosting the Nick Park Memorial Tournament 2015 on 29  September. 

Please make a note. Invitations will be sent out early next year.

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