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Jacklin’s on the ball

Tony Jacklin, CBE, dual Majors winner (The Open and US Open) and former Captain of our Ryder Cup team, has just written a powerful article in Golf Monthly which reflects our own views of the importance of the ball in restoring Real Golf.

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Welcome, kids!

From time to time we shall feature examples of ways in which the Real Golf objectives can be approached.

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On the ball again . . .

Since his death in March, the name of our Founder, Nick Park, has featured again and again in articles and comments about the state of our game. And here we go again!

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Nick’s Fine words

Shortly before he died, our co-founder Nick Park gave a personal perspective on the game's ills at a golf day organised by Fine Golf at Temple Golf Club in Berkshire, UK.

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Jacklin to lead Campaign for Real Golf

It’s announced today, 8 August, at the British Par 3 Golf Championships that Tony Jacklin CBE, one of the finest British golfers of his generation (winner of both The Open and the US Open and past Captain of Europe’s Ryder Cup team) has become President of the Campaign for Real Golf.

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How golfers behave

This is the fourth survey report based on the responses from over 500 golfers around the world to the REAL Golf Survey.

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Tony Jacklin gets REAL!

Tony Jacklin CBE, our President, writes with passion about our Campaign objectives

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Tournament a winner!

Our Campaign takes the REAL argument to its next stage.

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Pace of play

Co-founder of the Campaign Michael Coffey, Publisher of ‘The Golf Club Secretary’ reports on a possible way forward.

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On course for pace

In pursuit of our key objective to make golf ‘Less time-consuming’, we asked a couple of renowned course managers what they and their colleagues could do to help...

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How we’ve changed!

Ben Hogan was one of the longest-hitting golfers of his generation with his average drive going 265 yards. Today figures from the PGA Tour show that Rory McIlroy’s average drive is 315 yards with over 26% going over 320 yards.

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Time for action!

When we launched our Campaign for REAL golf early in 2014, we set ourselves the ambitious target of inspiring change in the game we love, fearing that it was in crisis and that action needed to be taken particularly to rescue golf from the many influences which were turning it into a sport only for the elite and those who could spare the time to take five hours and more to complete a round. We pleaded for a game that would once again become Recreational, Enjoyable, Affordable and Less time-consuming.

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Time for action! Jan 27, 2016
How we’ve changed! Jan 15, 2015
On course for pace Dec 10, 2014
Pace of play Oct 15, 2014
Tournament a winner! Oct 01, 2014
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